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How to withdrawal money from picoworkers in LTC - Tips4IT4Task

Whan, you earn $5 in Picoworkers you can do a withdrawal request.

Minimum withdrawal in Picoworkers is $5 in your earned balance. You cannot withdraw a spendable balance. You will receive the withdrawal in 1 day"

In Picoworkers, the withdrawal process is a minimum of $ 5 and a maximum of $ 45.

In this topic we discuss Picoworkers Withdrawal:

Picoworkers have the best withdrawal options according to other microsites.

Note: Litecoins Is the very best method for withdrawal.

Go to the dashboard of Picoworkers.

First of all click on the withdrawal option like this:

After that you will see the interface like in the pic, then you can click on the button.


 When you click on the withdrawal button, then the Withdrawal Request option appears. Then you click on the withdrawal button like this:


After that, when you request a withdrawal, your account will be at least 5.75 dollars 

 "Minimum withdrawal is $5 in your earned balance. You cannot withdraw a spendable balance. You will receive the withdrawal just in 1 day"

Select required option:

Like :
  • AirTM (fee 8%) 
  • Litcoin (fee 8%) 
  • Skrill (fee 8%)
  • Paypal (fee 8%

 The only way to get a withdrawal is to simply click on it. If you have a minimum of 5. 5.75 in your account, then your option will be selected.

If you want to withdraw your LTC, then go back to your LTC address.

Then you have to click on the submit request button so that the Gmail from which you have created your account can send tokens to Picoworkers or the token will be automatically sent to your Gmail. Copy the token and then pass it on to us so that your withdrawal can be found in 1 day.

You can withdraw your coin base account but if you are from Pakistan then just send your bucks mail account to like this:

With Bucksmail you can easily withdraw JazzCash or Easypaisa money in Pakistan.

Just click on manage funds in bucks mail and then you will see the deposit option. Then you will click on it and select litcoin.

Then click on deposit 


Then click on Litioncoin


 After that, you will see the text written: "Please send your address to the address".

After that, you have just copied the address or pasted it to the Picoworkers so that the Picoworkers admin can send money to you.

Then you have to come to the bucks mail to see what is written in this way. " Remember that must after Sending payment please Click On Verify Payment" button.

Once the withdrawal from Picoworkers has been done successfully, you have to copy the address of the bucks in the mail by clicking on the Verify Payment button.

Unless you click this button, your payment will not be in the bucks mail account.

In this way, you can bring your Jazz cash or this kind of money to your account from here.


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