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Jobs Posting  Details

Hi everybody welcome to this brand new tutorial about Picoworkers. This time I will show you how to post jobs as an employer or client or business owner.

You're able to post jobs for workers to do to help you out with testing applications, checking your websites, following you on social media, and other stuff okay?

So first we're going to click on post job

You will find several options over here

The first one is to choose the targeting zone to which area you want workers from let's choose in this case international you can choose the USA and western, Europe west even, East Asia, Africa, Muslim countries and Latin America it substitutes, in this case, I will choose international

Select ALL countries you want to EXCLUDE from the selected zone (optional) you can exclude up to 10 countries no more in the international zone

So just, for example, I don't know this one I will erase this one or exclude the Philippines and click apply and go to next

Choose the job category what job do you want to get done signup job, search and click job, social media, forums, comment on other blogs, etc

I can choose an Instagram job

Choose the subcategory this means what activity you want workers to do in the category. So next is to choose the subcategory what activity do you want workers to do on the job to follow in this case in Instagram to do a follow to a follow plus like to comment on to do all four or three.

I will choose only to follow click and apply and go to next

And if you need your campaign post after approval you can only ask for a screenshot. If your task is a minimum of 0.05 dollars if you need two screenshots 0.10 dollars if you need three screenshots 0.15 and that's the maximum.

You can't ask for four you can only ask for three per campaign okay also I like to encourage you to be fair as possible with the wage.

If you need just a follow-up you can submit a work for 0.32 but if you need more please pay right okay

And you will see the job settings the speed of the job how fast you want the job done

The workers you need to do the task the wage for each worker if you need a screenshot.

If you want advanced settings you can modify the time to rate the tasks, this outer rate shouldn't be touched you need to leave it in the check box and apply and go to next and you can enter submitting the information to get your job done.

If you want workers to do a good job you need to be as clear as possible when submitting these instructions okay.

If this job is about Instagram you need to take the title Instagram and you can go with following or you can go with marketing promotion task a step one step two step three more steps.

If you like them don't need to put numbers over here or any other symbols it's not necessary. Because you already have the steps divided over here.


Go to Instagram 


Find the profile in a beautiful world


Follow the account please do not unfollow as you can see this is a very clear Instagram marketing promotion task step 1 go to Instagram step 2 find the profile a bit of our world step 3 follow the account please do not unfollow you don't need to put go to this link below over here over there over that no you just need to be really clear about the instructions this applies with all tasks possible and with all jobs possible.

After you're done you will submit the required proof that the job was completed well in this case you can't ask for screenshots you can use for example the Instagram username and that's it you don't need to choose impossible proof like I don't know what's the color of my t-shirt in the post number four from the bottom to the top tab that's impossible or very difficult to do and you will bore the workers you need to get the job done as best as possible.

So I recommend you don't be a pain click on apply and submit and your job is posted


You just need to wait for the admins to review it and that's it. You will get your job live on the list and you will get the workers on with the jobs okay.

Also if you go to my jobs you will see the list of the jobs you are submitting you can archive the finished jobs and you can rate with file upload. This is very important if you click over here you will get the file and the explanation on how the rate on how to rate submitted tasks with a CSV file.

Okay you can choose a file and that's it you can also rate manually the tasks you click on the job, okay and you go to submit a task over here you can download the rated task and the unrated tasks and you will get the CSV file.

So you can rate later with the file upload you will check all the statistics of the job over here and the instructions of the job so you can have better knowledge of the process you're taking this is all the article on how to post jobs in Picoworkers I really hope you comment the article and if you have any doubts don't forget to contact us from my channel please stay tuned for the next article see you soon you.


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