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How To Fix Reddit Account Suspend Problem ? - How to prevent reddit suspension?

Now using Reddit in this situation is easy to earn on microtask websites because that Reddit task is easy.

However, if you use a Reddit account and earn multiple tasks, your account will be suspended. In today's post, I will share with you the solution to get started on the suspension

If your Reddit account has been suspended then this is the article for you. After rereading this article you will never be suspended Reddit account.

In today's post, I will tell you how you can use your Reddit account securely and securely.

We request you to follow all the steps.

1. Doing engagement on Reddit:

1.  Stay some time on Reddit I mean that you need to stay some time on any post which you want to visit.

2. You need to join some communities groups and follow different uses.

3. Do a search on Reddit and visit some posts through the search result.

4. You will have to need to publish the posts in case of rejection, even then your account is not suspended.

2. Being organic on Reddit :

  1. Search posts in Reddit other than Wizard through links. You have to look at some posters and read them. Implementing this step keeps your account safe and secure.

3. Commenting on posts:

1.     You will find comments on some posters on Reddit.

2.     The biggest benefit of this is that you will be able to increase your credit and your account will be safe and secure.

3.     The more you increase your karma, the more your account will be saved.

4.     You will also need to upload some videos

4. Your account must be old to comment:

1.     Definitely, your account will be more secure and not suspended as long as it is old.

2.     Your account must be at least 30 days old to make comments.


1.  This is because you need a different social media t account to earn money on microtask websites.

2.    Social media accounts also require you to have a Reddit account.

3.   Like if you are running, a Picoworkers, you will see a lot of Reddit jobs.

4.  Guys, you can generate a reasonable amount per Picoworkers by completing the task of Reddit so it is important for you to read this article to prevent its important suspension.


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