Blog_Course-3 - After creating website how to use Dashboard of blogger?

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In the previous post, we created a website just in 5  min 😊😊😊.

In this post, I will show you how to understand and use the Dashboard of Blogger, Unless you use Blogger's Dashboard, you can't start your own website.

So now let's get started...🤷‍♀️

Blogger's Dashboard is easier than WordPress's Dashboard.

This is how you see Blogger's Dashboard when you create a website:

Let's understand all the settings...

How to understand the Dashboard of Blogger?

1. At the top of the blogger dashboard, you can see a blogger icon.

2. Below the Blogger icon, you have the option to add a website. (New Blog)

Multiple websites can be added to a single blogger and you can connect multiple websites with the same Google AdSense.

3. If you want to create a new post, you can make a new post by clicking the Plus Icon.


No matter how many posts you have written, you will find all posts in its section by clicking this Posts button.


No matter how much traffic comes to your website, the subcategory shows in which category

You can check the amount of traffic coming to your site from here.


No matter how many posts are written on your site, if there is a comment on the top of any post, then in which category do all the comments come?

All comments are shown in this section.


When you connect your website with Google AdSense, you will see Google AdSense Dashboard in this section.


In the Pages section, you have to create your own personal page for the requirements of your website.

Like about us page contact us page, disclaimer page, privacy policy page, and terms and conditions page.


The layout section is very important.

No matter how many Customization you make to your website, all the settings are done here.

The better the Customization, the faster the approval from Google AdSense.

The more Customization the content of your site, the more unique the website will be and the faster you will get approval from Google AdSense.

One thing to keep in mind is that the website Customization is done according to the type of Theme you attach to your website.


In the theme section, you can write the HTML code of your website.

This section is very important.

When you connect a blogger theme with your website, you are connected to that theme from here.

And most importantly, if you want your website to be approved by Google AdSense, you have to paste the pub code of the AdSense in the theme section.

So this is the most important section.

I have created a separate tutorial on the theme section=> Get the post link


In this section, you will make all the settings of your website.

This is a very important section.

You will not receive approval from Google AdSense unless you meet your Google AdSense requirements according to the blogger setting.

And all of this depends on your setting section. So I will make a separate tutorial of it.

View Blog:

Click on view blog like this:

Once you have launched your website, you can expand your website from here to see how your website is luck.

If you have a problem with this topic, you can describe your problem in the comments section. I will help you.

You can also get help from my YouTube channel

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