Blog_Course-1 - How to Create a Website in Blogger - Earn Money with AdSense

If you want to create a website on Blogger, this course is for you. In this course, I will teach you how to earn money for a lifetime with blogging.

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Let's get started!!!

First, you need a Gmail Account to create a Blogger blog website.

Firstly, Log in to your Google Account like this...

Then, search on google "Blogger" word and open the first link like this:

After that you will see this kind of interface:

After that, enter the title of the website and click on the Next button

And enter the URL of your site, URL BASICALLY is the name of your site like, etc...

Blogger has an auto default domain called ""

Note: If you want to use this domain, Google AdSense defiantly gives you 100% approval but I suggest you use high-quality domains like “.com, .in, .net “etc

After creating the website the Dashboard of your blogger look like this:

After reading this article you can start your own website on Blogger and create a simple blog site just in 5 min but you must read the complete article for understanding.

If you still have a problem, you can ask me in the comments section I will help you.

In addition, I have uploaded a complete blogging course on my website and also uploaded videos on my channel.

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