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Hi viewers, I hope you enjoy it all...

As you may know, I am uploading a complete blogging course for any one person with no need for any skill for learning and no need for any investment.

In today's post, you will learn about a website through which you can earn lifetime earnings.

If you have a website where you are building your own website, don't miss this post.

Because in this post I will tell you the most important thing that no one has told you before.

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Let's get started...

If you follow this method you can earn a lifetime with blogging but if you follow:

The first step is to create your own blog website. Then after that upload the content (it means upload 25 or more posts/articles on own your site) on top of the blog website.

Then index your website in Google Search Console. When your website comes up in Google's results, traffic (Visitors) will start on it. This means that you have brought traffic to your website.

When you have a good amount of traffic on your website, your website will be approved by Google AdSense.

One thing to remember is that the biggest issue is the traffic on the website. Traffic is the best source for a website for more earnings from Google Adsense.

If you want to get lifetime traffic from Google Adsense to your website and you want to approve your website with Google Adsense then this post is for you💋.

So let's start with your topic...😊

First of all, you have to visit the Picoworkers website.

You can read more about this topic in the category of Picoworkers and how to join this website.

There are two types of people, who work as Picoworkers.

  • Client  

  • Workers 

There is a Client (Client is an Employer or business owner) who gives a JOB to the person and the person earns by completing THIS JOB and earning money this person is called a Worker.

Now you have to go to the Dashboard of your Picoworkers 

If you want to be an employer, you have to go to the Employer Dashboard.

And come here and Post a Job from here:

Other than that: 

  • How to post a job? 

  • How to promote your website? 

  • How to invest? 

Note Please,

You have to remember that until you understand this website you are not working🤦‍♂️

Do not post a job for your AdSense-approvederrors site or not post a job to get AdSense approval on your own site until you learn how to advertise your site. 🤷‍♂️

Otherwise, your site is not approved by Google AdSense, if it is already approved, the site may be disabled due to wrong traffic or policy violations, etc error.

So, if you want to get organic traffic then you have to follow all my methods. 

For more detail feel free to contact me on this WhatsApp number +92344 8955 017 or 

  1. So, if you want to learn how to post a job, you have to follow my channel and my site. 
  2. Because you won't find the course, I created it all over the internet it is unique on YouTube and the website. 
  3. When your website is built and Google AdSense approved and after that, your website starts earning.  
  4. If your website doesn't have traffic then you can use this site to get traffic.  
  5. But remember you have to take traffic organically.  
  6. For that, you have to understand this website.  
  7. When you understand this website and when learning How to post a job then you can start earning from this website by posting a job on the site. (Here job means that: Post a job of your blog site on this platform for traffic then you will get more profit). 
  8. Also, you will find all the details in another post. 

Please read the next post, which explains how you can post a job, and how much profit you make.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will help you.

=> How to post a job in Picoworkers

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