Blog_Course-4 After Creating Website How to Connect Professional Theme for Instant Approval - AdSense friendly

 I wish you all the best I am also very fine.

I'm creating a blogging playlist for you guys, as you know.

In this blogging playlist, I am teaching you how you can earn money by creating your own website or blog.

This course is absolutely free for you. You will find the playlist of this course on my channel and on this site.

In the previous topic, we learned how to create a website.

After that, the blogger's dashboard was understood.

In today's post, I will show you how you can connect a professional theme (AdSense friendly) with your website.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is very important for any site to get approval from Google AdSense with Professional Theme.

The better your theme, the more you will get instant approval from Google AdSense.

That is why I have been sharing this theme with you now😊😊😊

I have instantly approved my site from AdSense with this theme.

Let's get started...

First, go to the dashboard of blogger and also go to the section like this:

In today's post, I will tell you how you can change your website theme to AdSense friendly 

Now, follow the pic like: 

Now click on the Restore button like this:

After that, you will end up with an interface like this: 

And click on the Upload button like in the image: 

And pic the theme from the exact location from the drive like this: 

And your theme will be changed see detail in pic:

Now, after changing them your website look like this: 

Now, in customize section you can see different setting are:

  • Backup
  1. Here you can backup your website and Always keep a backup of the site.
  2. The backup will help you in the future when something goes wrong with your site.
  3. Download a backup of your theme so you don't lose any changes you've made, 
  4. but keep in mind that some gadgets can't be backed up.
  • Switch to first-generation classic theme
  1. I advise you to always take a backup of your site before switching
  2. If you replace your existing theme with a classic theme, you will not have much access
  3.  But you will not be satisfied with the design of the theme.
  • Restore
  1. If you want to change your website's theme
  2. So you can easily restore your website theme through the restore button
  3. In the Theme Types section, you will find the following settings
  • Edit HTML
  1. If you want to change your website's HTML coding, you can do it here.
  2. For example, for the tag code of Google Search Console, you have to paste in HTML coding
  3. below the header and in the upper section of the body.
  4. Similarly, when you apply for approval from Google Adsense, 
  5. you also need to post the Google Adsense code here.
  6. Along with this, you have to post the Google Analytics code here
  • Mobile settings
If you want to have a desktop or mobile themed show on your mobile
then follow this image :

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