How Do I Block Someone on Discord Intently Using Desktop or Mobile?

Block Discord User on Desktop

To block a Discord user on the desktop, right-click on their username and select "Block" from the drop-down menu and then "OK".

Block Discord User on Mobile

On mobile, tap their profile picture,

Followed by the ellipsis, then tap "Block." With this user blocked,

They'll no longer be able to tag you in the chat section because you blocked it. If this user was on your friends' list, they will be automatically removed.

In shared channels with the blocked user, their messages will be hidden by default. For viewing any of those messages, just click or tap to show them.

When you blocked any user who tries to send you a direct message, they'll receive an error message and be unable to send the message to you because you already blocked it.

So, in this condition discord will not send any notification alerting them because they were blocked.

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