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There are 3 ways to reach Google for help with their products:

Phone support

Online support

The Google Community Help forums

Contacting Google by Phone

You'll be confronted with an automated menu system if you call Google's customer support number. Most of the time, you'll encounter a recorded voice that directs you to a website to try to solve your problem. In some instances, you may be connected to a human customer service representative, who may help you with your issue.

Online Support

Google's online support consists of a collection of articles that address commonly encountered issues. To access these articles, follow these steps.

First, log in to your Google account, and then go to

You can either type your query into the search bar or click on one of the common problem topics from the grid of icons below the search bar. Note that you can also view dozens of other specific topics by clicking the small arrow below the icon grid. Following any of the icon links take you to a page that lists out many of the more common issues.

Google Community Help Form

You can also use the community forums to ask questions or comb through the various threads. On the page, select and click the Google product or service icon.

On the next page, click on the word "community". Scroll down the page, and you'll see multiple categories with questions with many answers. From here, you can either browse through to see if your question has already been asked or ask your question. To ask a question, scroll down to the featured post section and click the blue words "Ask Now" to ask the community a question.

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