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 Google Maps can track your location history from anywhere all over the world.

By recording the places you visit, it can recommend those places to you in the future. You can clear Google Maps' location history via the website or mobile app.

Deleting Maps history on desktop

Go to " " on your Mac or Desktop device and click the three stacked lines in the upper top left corner side.

Just choose "Your data in Maps." From the "Location History" section, click on the "See the  & Delete Activity" button. Then, click the red box in the bottom left corner of your timeline that shows how many places you've visited and saved. Now, click on the trash-can icon to delete all of your saved locations that you want.

Deleting Maps history on iPhone or Android

Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone and tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.

In the menu that opens, tap "Settings." Then select "Maps history." Then tap on the delete button next to the "Filter by date" section.

Choose the time frame for the history you want to delete. Selecting the last hour or last day will delete those immediately. Selecting all time or a custom range will have you confirm your action before deleting.

Note that:
Selecting all time here really does mean all time. It'll remove everything from when you first created your Google account.

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