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Do you know there are several people earning millions of dollars annually from e-commerce?

Do you want to be part of it?

The e-commerce market share is nearly $5 trillion each year.

So, have you ever considered starting your own e-commerce business?

All you need is a single product that can make you a millionaire.

Let’s jump into the 5 best product ideas for an e-commerce business that you can start right away.

1. Health and Hygiene Products

Health and hygiene are necessities for people all around the world. Health products include toothbrushes, body lotions, razors, face masks, hand sanitizers, nail clippers, etc.

Products from toilet hygiene to hand hygiene fall under health and hygiene. This is a very big industry. You can even find trending products through Google Trends, Amazon Suggests, etc.

For example, during the peak of Coven 19, sales of face masks and hand sanitizer were skyrocketing. 

Amazon’s Suggests features often highlight the searches for the products that people are looking for. You can make a list of the products that people are looking for through Amazon Suggest.

2. Organic food Products

Organic foods are those that are grown without the use of fertilizer, chemicals, or pesticides. Organic food and product sales are growing each year with more and more people becoming health conscious. Online orders for organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are increasing.

First, you have to look for genuine vendors of organic food and products. You also have to search for the demand for the product. Upload your products’ pictures to your store. Take behind-the-scenes pictures of your products so that people know they’re genuine.

Start promoting your product and store through online communities and ads. Make a feasible home delivery option. Get people’s reviews of your organic fruits and vegetables.

3. Gadgets

People love gadgets; they want to look cool and stay updated with the newest technology on the market that is useful in their daily lives.

Look for the trending gadgets or products in the market, use product search tools like helium jungle scout or viral launch to find out the best-selling product based on search volume and monthly sales, then see where you can source that product at a good price, get a stock of that product, and start selling it online.

4. Fashion/Jewelry Products

Who doesn’t want to look good?

Fashion-related products such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, and cosmetics are hot-selling products, and if any of the products are endorsed by a celebrity, they surely will become hot sellers.

You can sell the original product with a high price tag or even find a replica of that product at a low price. Low prices attract customers who can’t afford to buy the original item at a high price.

5. Low-Priced, Micro-Niche Products

Start selling micro-niche products and focus on one or more products relevant to your niche, for example, gloom-free products.

Target a specific audience by searching for health groups on Facebook and participating actively in those groups, or create an Instagram page to show the product and case studies there, work with influencers, and join active communities where you can promote your product.

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