Avoid These 9 Crazy Money Mistakes for a Healthier Financial Future

Can you count the number of hairs on your head?

Your answer would be no, but you can count the number of mistakes you’ve made when handling money!

And so, today, I’m here to tell you 9 money mistakes to keep your finances in good shape!

Yes, just like your mood, your finances should be in a good mood, and for that, you need to avoid these mistakes and follow the money tips that we will tell you!

We have also made some of these mistakes, and when we realised them, we changed them and were able to turn our financial situation around. One of the mistakes we show here in the postcosts about $500 per month.

So, I’m here today to shed some light on some common mistakes and start correcting those money mistakes today!

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1. The most important foods are:

Monthly budgeting is fine; when we talk about budgeting, we don’t mean budgeting for your toothpaste or even your hair comb. Here, we’re talking about big expenses that are expensive, and they’re expenses that you don’t really need.

For example, that super cool denim jacket that costs you a thousand bucks if you already have too many An expensive gym or club membership is also a mistake. In addition to saving money, a monthly budget helps you determine what you really need.

So, make sure that a monthly budget is on your to-do list to save yourself from making money mistakes.

2. Not understanding the value of your free time

This is a common mistake that most of us make! Your free time is your greatest asset. It is best for you to use this time to earn money. So, keep this in mind: try to make money when you’re short on time.

This time can be effectively used to earn some money by pet sitting or babysitting, working at a cafe shop or restaurant, selling crafts, and the list goes on. 

You’ll certainly be happy to have extra money in your budget, but get out there and look for money-making opportunities.

3. Negotiating a salary

When young people start working, they underestimate the power of negotiating their income. Well, there is a common point of view that if you negotiate your salary before joining the job, you may seem rude or overconfident about your abilities to the employer!

But the reality is far from that. It is very important to communicate your salary expectations to the employer. 

You are well aware of your skills and abilities, and therefore, you should feel free and confident to present your ideas.

You have to make sure that the salary you are getting is enough to cover your essential expenses like food, rent, etc. 

So before starting a job, make sure you discuss your salary with the employer and get the amount you deserve in salary.

4. Giving money to your “friends.”

It sounds disgusting, but trust me, it’s the most common mistake young people make, especially if they have a soft heart. It is one thing to help your friends in times of need and distress; it is another to give them loans from time to time.

You need to understand the difference between them and avoid the latter. Also, it can ruin your friendship, and every time you see them, you’ll immediately start thinking about the money you gave them.

And every time you see them ordering your favorite food from a fancy restaurant or buying clothes, you’ll wonder why they’re not refunding your money. So, avoid giving money to your friends and keep your friendship and financial statements healthy.

Have you gotten anything out of these tips so far?

5. Absence of emergency

Fund An emergency fund is essential and not having one is a big mistake. No one knows when an emergency will strike. You must prepare yourself for any kind of emergency, which makes your life imperative.

Now a days, you may find that there are lots of funds available, so you can keep some money aside and save it after days. Take the example of squirrels.

 Did you know that they store and bury their food underground so that when severe weather conditions come in the winter, they already have their ’emergency fund’.

Which is the food they store?  and do?

Here, we need to learn from them! Just like that, you should also start your own emergency fund!

6. Unreasonable financial goals

We all have many goals in mind. While watching this post, you may have many financial goals, but ask yourself: are these goals realistic? And consider this question.

It’s good to have goals. They inspire and motivate us to do better in life. But you have to see if these goals are affecting your mental health or not. 

It’s really important to create and set goals that are achievable, not something unrealistic that worries you inside and out.

Because if you are not able to achieve them, you will be discouraged, and that is completely wrong. So, plan your goals in such a way that you can achieve them!

7. Do not unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions.

This is a common mistake that many of us commit. We often forget to cancel subscriptions to services that are no longer in use. 

Make a note of your expenses and see where your money is going. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions, whether they’re to gyms, clubs, or set-top boxes.

This will save a lot of money, which can be saved or used for other important tasks.

8. Say goodbye to bad habits.

Well, talking about bad habits, this is one thing that everyone should avoid. But somehow people get addicted to it and start smoking, drinking, and using drugs. 

These things may tempt you, and you may consider these habits to be normal for someone who experiences stress.

But trust me, these habits destroy not only you but also your finances. Once you get hold of these things, it becomes difficult to stay away from them, leading to an endless cycle of spending money on cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. Make sure you stay away from these things.

9. Misuse of Energy 

It seems trivial, but yes, many people make this mistake of wasting electricity. And this mistake is made knowingly and unknowingly. You just need to look around and turn off fans and lights when not in use.

Try to use daylight for your work whenever possible. Turn off the lights and fans when you are not in the room. Turn off the geyser when you are done bathing! These small steps can help you save a lot of money. After all, a penny earned is worth a penny.

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