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First, plug your Google Home into an outlet. You should see some dots cycle through the colors at the top, followed by a bell.

Next, download the Google Home app on your phone, tablet, or desktop. The app will allow you to connect and personalize your Google Home.

In the app, you can either sign up for a new account or sign in to a preexisting account. On the home screen, tap on “Get started.” Continue by tapping on “Set up” and “New devices.” Create a new home or choose a preexisting home.

It will ask you to enter your home name and address. After this is done, the Google Home app will take some time to find nearby devices. Make sure that Confirm your Google Home is selected to continue.

After the app connects to your Google Home, you should hear a chime. If you heard the chime, select “Yes.” If not, tap “Try Again” until you hear the chime.

Read the additional legal terms and select “I agree” if you wish to otp-in. Next, you’ll be asked if you want to help improve Google Home.

Just you can choose to share information or OTP out. This will indicate where your device is located, which is useful for organizations, especially if you intend to have multiple Google Home devices.

Connect to WiFi by selecting your WiFi and tapping “Next.” After you’re connected to WiFi, you can move on to setting up Google Assistant.

The first option is to activate Voia Ce Match. This may be useful if there are multiple people using this Google Home and you’d like personalized results.

You can also set Google Home to respond to your voice only. Next, select a default music service. The Google Assistant will play music based on this choice.

For example, if I make Spottily my default music service, Google Assistant will play music from Spottily. You can continue by linking your TV services. Decide if you want to use Google Duo for voice calls here.

Just select  “Sign Up” if you want to receive updates to your email From google. You can add any other optional details on the review page, such as a payment method, or continue the process by tapping “Next.” Your Google Home is now ready to use. Try saying, followed by a question to prompt your Google Home.

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