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In this article, we will complete Picoworker’s “Instagram: Create An Account” Task. After reading this article you will not need any more articles…

In this article we are going to complete another task, Let me tell you one thing before I complete it all.

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Let’s start this article: do not miss any step 

In today’s article, we will look at how we can complete the task of  ” Instagram: Create An Account”

Simply follow my all steps then you can easily complete this task and remember that this task seems 

difficult but easy to do.

Go to Picoworkers dashboard and find  “Instagram: Create An Account” in the search box or in category:

Sometimes tasks do not appear search result but again try to find by searching see in the upper picture.

It remembers that you need only one task for all types of jobs also in the feature I  mean that all

instructions are the same in all jobs so just open any job and create multiple accounts for these proofs (Token) and submit to any job OK.

Now open one of the tasks like this:

Let us now complete this task:

Before completing a task, you need to see how many tasks have been completed like:

You have to read the instruction completely correctly.

Before completing a task, you should always keep in mind that whenever you want to complete a task, you have to open a new browser to complete your task. That is, whatever job you want to complete, you have to open a different browser and complete the task, not in the existing browser.

For example:

Go to the Incognito window by pressing  Ctrl+Shif+N like this:

This will allow you to complete the entire task. When you complete a task, the rest of the task will be completed by some method.

All you need is two links from the entire instruction. You just have to copy these two links every time and complete all your tasks from these links again and again like this:

It remembers that easily open links in Go to the Incognito window by pressing  Ctrl+Shift+N like this:

1. Create an Outlook email account and activate POP3 on it using the info below 👇 then proceed to 2

Like this:

The instruction given in the second link has to be followed with some of your own legacies. If you miss any of my steps, you’ll be Nixon.

When you open the second link, you will not have to refresh it again, otherwise, the instruction will change and you will have to complete the task again. I think you better understand.

Now Guys we begin to complete the task. You have to pick up your instruction from the second link and take the opportunity to paste it in the 1st link.

 Copy Email username past it in the Email box and click next like

Copy Email Password past it in the password box and click next

Copy first name and last name from the second link and past it in the First name and last name box and click next like

Now Select any random birthday over 18 years old select Country/region 

As I am from Pakistan, I have to select Pakistan. If you are from India You need to select this country. That is, you have to select whatever country you belong to.

 Because of this, you have to choose your date of birth. Remember that you always have to select a  date of birth greater than 18. You can select any random date of birth without any issue as you just have to create an account to complete the task. After putting these instructions just click next:

 See in the picture:

When you click on the Next button, you will see something like this interface

Now you have to fill the captcha “Please solve the puzzle so we know you’re not a robot”

Just click on the Next button and fill the captcha if I see a pick the camel just click on the camel after clicking the right picture you will see=> follows the screenshot:

After that click the No button:

Then you will see the Microsoft page again just click on <- back page see in the pic 

After clicking back arrow 

After clicking the back arrow, you will reach the top of the page. That is, you will go to the top of the page where you have your account.

 Here you re-enter your password() which was cooked from your instruction and click on the Sign in button

After entering the password, when you click on the sign-in button, your account will be completed successfully.

This is where your basic task comes in handy. All you need to do is create an Instagram account. If you want to create an Instagram account using a Microsoft account here, then you need to create a Microsoft account.

2. Make sure to activate POP3 on the Outlook account follow my all steps then you can easily activate POP3 on Outlook:

Select Settings (The setting icon on the top right)

Then click on > View all Outlook settings(At the bottom)

> Mail > Sync email

 And write ‘POP and IMAP’ and select “POP and IMAP”

‘Yes’ under ‘Let devices and apps use POP’. Select Save

Now your step 2 is complete. Now you have to create an Instagram account in step number 3.

3. Next create an Instagram account using ONLY the OUTLOOK EMAIL you made in 1 and the info from upper instruction then proceed to  step 4

open a new tab and open the 
Instagram Sign UP page like this

you have to enter all the details on the signup page. I’ll put all the details
on the signup page and show you the picture

signing up, you have to select any random data of birth Then click on the Next
button. Let me show you any random data of birth selected.

you click on the Next button, you will see a similar interface. Here you will
be given a basic verification code that will allow you to verify your
Instagram account.

In addition, you have to go to the Microsoft account and from there you
will get the verification code. You need to copy the confirmation code, but
here’s how to paste it. Let me show you how to paste it.

 Open Microsoft mailbox and copy verification code 

past it and click next

One thing to keep in mind here is that if you do not get the
verification code then you have to click on the resend code then you will get
the verification code.

When you verify your Instagram account, you will see 2 types of interface.

Here your account will be created automatically or you will have to verify the account by number.

If your account is created automatically when it is ready.

If you need to verify with a number, then you can verify 2 accounts with one number in one day.

I mean that If you have a pass number then you can create two accounts using one number If you have a pass 5 number then you can create 10 accounts.

Now complete the captcha and click on the Next button

Now you need to verify the account by phone number Enter your
mobile number and click on the confirmation button

Enter Phone Number

Now a verifier code will be sent to your mobile. Copy it to SMS and past
it submits.

  Finale will then log in
to your account and you will be offered an interface like this

some accounts and click on the get started button now your account has been
successfully created. And here your task is complete 

thing to keep in mind is that you always remove the number from which you have
verified the account, remove the number from your settings, otherwise your task
will be rejected

4. Once you have created the OUTLOOK EMAIL account and Instagram account with the info above log out of the account 

From Instagram and Outlook then click
the ‘Get token’ button  (It will take a couple of seconds so only click it
once! Make sure the info on the accounts matches EXACTLY above before clicking
the button below!

When you click on the token button, your token will be generated

For example:

If Success! then Do not refresh this page or your token will be lost!
Now save the token below(red text) and submit it as proof 👇:


not use this token, otherwise, your task will be rejected as it is already

Note: Do NOT change the password on the account after you made it for us
or you will not get paid.

Submit the token in the proof


task with the help of the video tutorial

If you want to create another account go to the link provided on the job page.

In this article, I have explained to you in full detail.

If you have any problem in completing the task then you have to re-read
the article correctly.

If there is any problem then you can contact me and I will guide you.

We can see with a new task in the next article.

If you want to complete any task then write the name of the task in the
comment section and I will write the article above your demand.

Best of luck!

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