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Every worker tries to create multiple accounts on 1 device Today, I will tell you a simple trick to create multiple accounts that will not suspend…


Every worker tries to create multiple accounts on one device. Today, I will tell you a simple trick to create multiple accounts that will not suspend your account and you can use multiple accounts.

If you want to read this article correctly, you can create multiple accounts by reading this article. Let’s move on to your topic …..

It is important to understand how Picoworkers operate and work!

Rul #1 

If you create multiple accounts on your device Picoworkers team must be banned from your id at any time…

Definitely, when you create multiple accounts for this website, the admin of this website will suspend you. But I have the solution. Read the paragraph below

Rul # 2 

There are many reasons for banning your Picoworkers account. like, You can create only one account in your Device and wifi IP address… 

There are many reasons to create multiple accounts. 
  • If you are using more than one account on a device, you will be able to delete all accounts from now on, just use one account, delete everything or your account will be suspended. 
  • If you want to create an account on just 1 device but share using Wi-Fi or create an account on more than one device, your account may be suspended, so do not use share Wi-Fi. Do this if you are working on more than 1 device.

Rul # 3 Problem Fix (Use Multiple Accounts) Wi-Fi useable accounts/Mobile hotspot connect:

If you use share wifi IP in your device, it is riskier. Try to be an honest man. It is better to use sim data, than no problem. 

You can use this method to create multiple accounts

  • If you use Share Wi-Fi, there is a risk that your account will not be deleted. Better yet, use your mobile data.
  • I mean if you are using mobile sim data you cannot suspend and save this account so use one mobile data and connect via hotspot on multiple devices and create only 1 account on each device. Account never closes, this is the best solution.

Rul # 4

Multiple accounts and dishonest answers to gender, age, name are serious violations for any online freelance jobs platform.

Why Do You Need Multiple Accounts?

Online jobs platforms are in the business of receiving and sending money to/and from many people. In the US, businesses that send/receive money are regulated

We need to know who people are and people need to be honest about their identity,

if not we risk problems with the US Financial regulators. Additionally, for many jobs to be successful, they perform automatic verification checks based on your device. 

If you are sharing multiple accounts on the same device the systems will recognize you as one person.


At the moment the traffic on this website is increasing rapidly so there are rules on the street so you have to be honest about this website.

Best Of Luck👍👍👍👍👍

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