How to Deposit in Picoworkers – Complete guide about how to use deposit methods in Picoworkers

I hope you are on the Dashboard of Picoworker’s website.

Now let’s get started……………………….

Find job button: If you want to find all types of jobs just click on the find job button then all jobs are shown in the Dashboard like this:

All types of jobs are shown in Dashboard.

   My Tasks: If you just do tasks your completed jobs are shown in this category.

For example, you can complete video marketing jobs then your all jobs
are shown in “my tasks”.

Your satisfied and not satisfied jobs are shown in this category.

In my task category, as a worker, you
can see all jobs, not as a client or business owner.


My Jobs: In Picoworkers, you can work as a worker and also as a client or business owner.

If you want to work as a business owner or client in Picoworkers you can
earn much more money in this way we will discuss it in the next tutorial.

Business owner or client wants to increase their business then he posts a
job in Picoworkers, for example, a person has a blog or youtube channel. Client
post a job about youtube channel”s support or post a job about the blog to
generate organic traffic in our websites in its way he can increase our

Then all post jobs are shown in the
“My Jobs” category.


Wallet: In the wallet, there are money options for deposit and withdrawal. It is
the best website according to other sites for deposit and withdrawal seen. If
you want to post a job first you deposit money and if you need to withdraw you just request a withdrawal.

Note: Min withdrawal is $5.75 and maximum withdrawal is $44.

How to deposit in Picoworkers?

There are money options in Picoworkers for deposit money:
1. Credit/Debit card deposits (Bank Card):
  • You can deposit money from this step easily also bunk card

  • The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $1000

1. Credit/Debit card deposits (PayPal):

  • You can  also deposit money from this step easily bunk card

  • The minimum deposit $is 10 and the maximum is $400
Beast option for large amount deposit is “

*If you need to deposit a larger amount, please use a Credit Card deposit. Mercado Pago deposits should expect long delays (+12 hours). This button is for purchases only, not wallet validation.”

Skrill: Skrill/ACH/Rapid Transfer: The Skrill option is the best of the two options. If you see Pakistan
then you are very happy. If you are a JazzCash user then you can use it to
withdraw or deposit money.

You can also deposit a minimum of $ 10 or a maximum of $ 1000.

This is the very best option for Pakistani users.

Cryptocurrencies: If you use Cryptocurrencies, you can use itthem to deposit or withdraw
money. To use cryptocurrencies, you have to create a Cryptocurrencies account
like a coin base account.

Just like if BTC, LTC, BTC Cash, etc. you can create many coin base

Instruction for it Contact support: if your deposit email does not match your account email. Allow blockchain processing time. Please deposit a minimum of $5 to receive support on your transactions. Do not send USDC on the BEP-2 chain, it is not compatible.”


Just you can use only a coin base account for this option, not others.

AirTM: You can use this method but it is the very cheapest and also easy method
but if you want to use it then you can do it.

You can also deposit take 1000 in min 10.

Transfer Funds From Earned to Spendable Balance: The best method is to look at all the micro worker’s websites
in one or more options. If you want to earn money, you can either withdraw the
money or transfer the money to a spendable balance.

The minimum transfer is 0.01 dolor.

Note: Remember that the money you are transferring to the
job is a bar transfer, you can no longer withdraw it in the spendable balance,
just close it as a client and you can use it to see the logo.

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