How to make money online with Reddit? – Why Reddit pay you?

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How to make money through Reddit?

let’s start first I tell you about Reddit:

Reddit is a social media website that has lots of subreddit

Subreddit is like a group that allows users to post and comment it is very popular in the united states and developed countries, euros especially.

 First, I want to recommend some subreddit to start in which you can start easily go to the search bar and type slave labor click on communities and users section and join it.


The subreddit after joining read all the about section of the slave labor community and read rules also follow all the rules. 

After that and find the task you can do like this read the title and description of task/gig and click on the comment button and type $bid forbidding you can also message directly to the person who posts work to ask that you are interested in second things is you can offer you skills in the subreddit type [offer] and make title and a good description. 

I make an example you can see other people make offers it has a low chance of any Fraud I also did some projects on it and make money the second subreddit is r/forhire for hire is different. 

You will get a good amount read for hire rules also follow rules don’t get banned or suspend your Reddit account like there are many subreddits where you can join them.

There are more ways to earn money from Reddit:

If you have an account that has good karma like I have you can sell it on websites like 

initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial; background-size: initial; color: red; font-size: 13.5pt; line-height: 115%;”>Fiverr you can also promote other people’s websites or youtube videos with that you can a decent income subreddit get high traffic.  

It is also a way of earning money from but when you signup join some subreddits spend some time on subreddit contribute by post and commenting increase your karma, post, and comment karma if you don’t know what is karma go to youtube and search “what is karma” watch all videos in how to use Reddit for marketing playlist and learn about what is Reddit and how it works and then come to Reddit thanks for learning this post.

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