How to use and set view categories Picoworkers part-4 Tips4IT4Task

Now we are disusing picowworkers view categories and how to use view categories in Picoworkers…

In the previous topic, we have been discussed Picoworker’s Wherewithal, and today we understand its view category.

Go to the Picoworker’s dashboard. The interface will look like this.

Then you will see 3 icons on the upper right side of the dashboard like this:

Basically, these icons are created so that you can make jobs smaller or bigger in the interface of jobs.

These icons are divided into 3 parts.

  • Expended View
  • Default View
  • Compact View

Expended View: When you click on the expanded view, all your jobs are shuffled. Now you can see that all jobs in the dashboard are in expanded view like this:

Default View: This becomes the default view set when you do not set any view. This means that if you do not set any views, your dashboard’s view must be called the default view that comes automatically.

Compact View:  If you want to show jobs compactly, that is, in very small gigs or small views, you can set compact views to make jobs or gigs smaller like this:

If you want to use the best view category in the dashboard you can use a compact view. This is the
the best view for you because that’s is the simplest view and easy view I suggest you.

This website has the best plugin according to other micro jobs websites that are called “Mode” This website has two types of modes.” Light Mode” and “Dark Mode”

You will find this view on the website’s PicoWorkers Upper right site and Bottom right site. 

Light Mode View 

Dark Mode View

I personally use the light mode you can use any mode but the best mode is the light mode I suggest you use it.

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