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Here are some tips and tricks for using Google Calendar:

Transferring Ownership of an Event

If you set up an event that you can no longer attend, you may want to change its ownership to someone else. Click on the event in your calendar and then select the three dots icon from the drop-down menu.

Click “Change Owner Type. Enter the name or email of the person you want to become the owner of and then click “Change Owner” to confirm.


Add-ons are great for using Google Calendar Click the plus sign to the right of your calendar and a window will appear with a list of popular add-ons that you may want to add after installing the app.

Click on it to complete When creating a new calendar event, we can now click on the Zoom app on the right and add Zoom meetings to our calendar invitations.

Adding a Birthday

First, under my calendar on the left side, make sure there is a tick next to your birthday calendar. Now go to and select Contacts from the left side. Click on “create a contact,” then select a contact from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window will appear below with the birthday person’s name and other details. If you want, click Show More and scroll down to find the birthday, add their date of birth, and then save it to Google Calendar. Click to refresh your web page. And you’ll see the birthday appear in your calendar.

Printing your Google Calendar

First, make sure you are in the month or week in your calendar that you want to print. Click the Settings icon and select Print from the dropdown. A print preview window will appear. You are within that date range.

You can edit what you want to print here. Change your font size here. To change your printout from landscape to portrait, click the dropdown here Click Orientation You can click the check box next to these events, which you have declined to include in your printout so that you can keep your printout in black and white only. Click Print to complete the check mark here.

To-Do Lists

You can use the built-in Tasks app for Google Calendar to add a to-do list on the right side Select the blue circle icon A Google Tasks window will appear to add a to-do to a task Click “Add” and type a description. Then click the pencil icon to add more details You can allocate your tasks to a specific day or add sub-tasks here Your task will already be saved when you When the task is finished, mark it in the view window.

To-do lists in your calendar Make sure your to-do calendar is selected under My Calendar Note that you can only use this function on your desktop when using Google on a mobile device You won’t be able to see your to-do lists while using the calendar. A separate Google Tasks app will need to be used.

Adding Time Zones

Add time zones to your Google Calendar To help manage your schedule of events in different locations around the world, click the Settings icon and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to find the time zone and secondary display.

Click to add a check mark next to it. Scroll through the time zones from the second drop-down to give the time zone you want to add a label to help identify where the time zone is. The time zone will appear.

Skipping to a Specific Day

You don’t always scroll to find a specific date in Google Calendar, so you can go directly to a specific day in your calendar. The date will be displayed in a popup. Then click Go. You’ll be taken directly to that day to go back to the current date. Press g again and today’s date will automatically appear on the popup menu. Click Go and you will be back to your current date.

Creating a Public Calendar

Create a public calendar so anyone can see it or add it to their calendars Go to the Settings icon and then Add settings from the drop-down on the left Select a calendar and then Create A New Calendar Give the calendar a name and description below.

And then click “Create Calendar” to finish. Now you will see your calendar appear under My Calendars on the left side Hover your cursor over the name of the calendar and then select the three dots icon next to it Click Settings and scroll down to Sharing to find access permissions. And click to add a check mark next to Make publicly available Click OK to confirm, and your calendar will now be publicly available to you.

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