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Hi everyone Picoworkers user. at this time I will explain the basics of Picoworkers. I will show you around the Picoworker’s knowledge properly… 

Picoworkers Basic

Hi everybody welcome to this brand new tutorial about Picoworkers. I will show you the basics. I will show you around the website so you can have knowledge of it and you can work properly on this platform.

Find Jobs:

First, we’re going to check the find jobs section. The find job section will show you the list of available tasks to do to earn money, you can check every detail of each job, you can check the job name the payment of that job, the success rate, the days to rate the task, the tasks done or the available positions, the name of the employer and the employer statistics.

So you can know which jobs to take care of which just to realize without taking risk of getting misread next we will go to my task as a worker.

Finished Tasks/ My Jobs:

You will see reflected there all the finished tasks also you will see reflected the ones that are already satisfied and paid and the ones that are still pending review.

Wallet Section

If you go to my wallet or the wallet section, you will see all the available methods to be paid and to deposit money to do jobs in Picoworkers. let’s click on the wallet and you can see I have received too many withdrawals and see in my last withdrawal is pending.

If you go to request withdrawals you will have currently four options for withdrawal. It remember that before withdrawal 

Wallet – Request Withdrawal

Make sure your task interval timer must be zero for withdrawal requests.

Fresh users must complete a minimum amount of tasks to access a 0 task interval.

When you have over a minimum of  $5 in your earned balance then you can withdraw.

You can not withdraw an amount from your spendable balance or advertiser balance 

Withdrawals are processed within 10 business days.

Note: If you receive withdrawal just in one hour Please set the withdrawal Pakistani time 8:00 or 9:00 In this way you can receive withdrawal just in 1 hour.

Select withdraw method:

I have selected Airtm For withdrawal you can select any type of method from these options:

AirTM Hovered
AirTM HoveredAirTM


$5.00 – $5.36

Litecoin HoveredLitecoin


$5.00 – $5.36

PayPal HoveredPayPal


$5.00 – $5.36

Skrill HoveredSkrill


$5.00 – $5.36

Important instructions for every worker!

You must have over 5 dollars without the sign of bonus to precede withdrawals are processed within 10 business days of placing a request very simple message for you to understand okay.

After you achieve this amount you will have available all the withdrawals methods the withdrawal methods are the same as you see here in the deposit section.

You will not need a verified PayPal account to withdraw the money you need for deposits not to withdraw. And over here you will see the transactions you have already done in the pic all the withdrawals or deposits you have already done.

Support ticket 

Now let’s go to the next icon if you check over pic and if you click you will go to support messages. let’s click on it after clicking on it you will have the availability to send messages directly to the support team on Picoworkers website.

You have the inbox the message you already sent and the trash you will also be able to see this information.

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