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 If you work in the online field, you must set this Chrome setting for For earning daily hundreds of dollars just follow my all steps then you can easily do all steps.

Hello, friends, I hope all of you will be fine and also I’m fine too. Guys, today’s article is going to be awesome, and amazing.

No one will tell you this kind of importance and tips on the internet but your brother will teach you tips and tricks by following which you can increase your earnings a lot if you want to work on any platform. Whether it is YouTube marketing, blogging, or freelancing of any kind, you will need this setting.

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Now let’s get started…

You can use this setting on PC and mobile devices just by installing Chrome.

If you have a mobile, you need to install Chrome.

If you have a PC, you have to use Chrome, optionally you can also use Firefox. But I suggest just Chrome.

Every now and then when you install Chrome you will see this kind of interface:

Set up your new Chrome profile

sign in, then turn on sync.

If you have already an account it just sign in otherwise you need to create a fresh account.

Enter email and click next

Enter the password and also click next to the 

After that, you will see like this

 Turn on sync?

Sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, and more on all your devices. You can always choose what to sync in settings. Google may use your history to personalize Search and other Google services.

Click sync setting and just click confirm button

Now your setting will save and sync will start

See pic and click like

Now just click on step number 2 in upper picture

After enabling the extension, when you log in again at any time, your secret setting will be automatically restored.

Then go to your Google Dashboard

Simply Add shortcut witch you want like

In the same way, you have to get your recreated link structured

You are not yet complete.

And there was a show you need to show bookmarks bar icons this is your most important setting.

Go to Chrome setting and go to appearance and you need to enable show home button and also need to enable show bookmarks bar.

After doing the settings, you will get some of its interface like this

Let me guide you through the video clip.

Completely reading the rest of your device will be easier to understand.

Guys, if you use this setting, you will have a lot of knowledge.
And your search will be done too.
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