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spend a few minutes reading this article for more information about how to save
and secure your Picoworkers account.

It is important to understand how Picoworkers operates.

Must you know the system will make you a good employee and a Good Employer:

Pieceworker’s Community Rules.
ease take a moment to read this information for every user of Picoworkers
(Client or Worker)

v  Do not use VPN or PROXY
or another type of masking IP address software

v  Do not open
or operate multiple

v  Do not use
the same computer/phone
as other Picoworkers accounts

v  Do not create
many accounts with the same IP address or use shared/public 

v  Do not use
the same IP
address used with other accounts to do tasks

v  Do not work
on country jobs (Not
that are not from your own country

v  Do not
attempt to sell
or transfer
control of your account

v  Do not
purposefully submit fake or incomplete proofs

v  Do not
participate in any social media,
online or offline groups where the purpose is to ask and or discuss how to do
tasks by tricks
and deception
, report employers, discuss rating, and also its activity.

Important notes remember that:

Each person can only create one account. A Picoworkers user can be both, a
Worker or employee and a Client or Employer at the same time.

Do not submit extra words responses that do not demonstrate. you have finished. Not write the following or similar phrases in your
proofs: “Hi, I have finished this task, here are my proofs.” The
employer already knows what proof he asked for. There is no need to repeat.
Only write what is asked for. 

We believe Picoworkers should stay a clean
place – We work hard to make it reliable and useful to both, Employers and
Workers. Therefore we do not tolerate any illegal activities, scams, spam, or
trying to mislead other users to gain an advantage, get free work, or
ask others to perform actions that are not legal. In cases where we are 100% a user has tried to perform
an illegal activity, we will immediately terminate such an account

  Multiple accounts are serious violations:

 Multiple accounts and dishonest answers to gender, age, and name are serious violations for any online freelance jobs platform. Why? In the US, businesses that send/receive money are regulated. violation We need to know who people are and people need to be honest about their identity, if not we risk problems with the US Financial regulators. If you are sharing multiple accounts on the same device the systems will recognize you as one person violation.

Please, check the FAQs

“How to submit proper jobs and get your posting

For general guidelines about working on tasks or posting

do your work carefully, do not rush, and make sure to focus on achieving a 100% satisfied
. If your success rate drops below 80% stop working and fix your
mistakes before your account is frozen or closed.

All these violations will ultimately lead to a banned,
and the immediate LOSS OF ALL EARNINGS accrued to your account.

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