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Do you think making money is hard?

No, it is not. In fact, starting something is hard. Let’s take a look at five small business ideas for Pakistan that would pay you a lot if you started them today.

1. Amazon Virtual Assistant

With an annual revenue of 469 billion dollars, Amazon is growing each year. Due to its ever-increasing growth, sellers have a hard time managing their stores on Amazon.

Because sellers on Amazon are unable to perform all tasks by themselves, they need the services of a virtual assistant to manage their stores. You could be hired as an Amazon virtual assistant if you have knowledge and expertise.

You can start learning about Amazon and e-commerce by taking five free tutorials and courses on YouTube. You can also join Extreme Commerce for free. So let’s start learning today.

2. Homemade food business

i. Food Panda

Who hasn’t heard about it? 

Food industry growth has increased exponentially in the last few years thanks to the home-based food industry. 

Do you know why? 

Because people like healthy, home-cooked food that is easily delivered to their location.

ii. Low Investment

You can start a homemade food business with low investment and target specific customers. For example, people in offices need home-cooked meals for lunch initially. 

You can start within your own circle and target small offices and locations that don’t have easy access to quality food.

3. Ecommerce Business

In e-commerce, there is a huge opportunity for online sales. You can start your own e-commerce web store with little investment.

There are also famous online marketplaces within Pakistan where you can sell all kinds of products, from electronics to groceries.

You can also join these marketplaces under fulfillment programs such as FBD or FBM. Starting this kind of business does not require rocket science; you just have to know the market trends, competitive pricing, and product knowledge.

4. YouTube Content Creator

Do you want to get paid on YouTube?

Then start your new channel.

YouTube Channel Monetization is a primary source of earnings for most YouTubers. 

YouTube Content Creators get rewarded through YouTube Monetization Programs ads displayed alongside.

The Video Content and for each ad view or click you get rewarded.

A number of YouTubers in Pakistan are getting a fairly good amount of shares each month.

If you have an original idea for your channel and can get audience attention, then start your journey right away.

Your content should revolve around the theme of your channel, be engaging, and be original, informative, or entertaining for the audience.

5. Freelance Business

If you have any skills or expertise, such as in IT, graphic design, or perhaps content writing, you can start your career as a freelancer with almost no investment.

Set your own hours and schedule time for meetings and consultations, and start getting paid for your freelance services.

For beginners, as a freelancer, you can start within your own circle and initially start by offering free or discounted services to build client satisfaction.

Plus, you’ll get some good reviews, which will eventually build your profile. Freelance services are growing at a rapid pace in Pakistan.


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