What Are The 69 Things When You Do Then You Are Bored? – Tips4IT4Task

We’ve all been there before: stuck at home with nothing to do and feeling totally bored…

If you’re looking for something to break the monotony, here are 69 things to do when you’re bored that will definitely help pass the time.

Number 1:

Write a letter to your future self.

Number 2: 

On the weirdest website lists on Google

Number 3:

Create a foreign budget

Number 4:

Buy house plants to set near a sunny window.

Number 5:

Sells things on eBay.

Number 6:

The weather is good; go have a picnic.

Number 7:

Put together an emergency bag.

Number 8:

Discover ways to supplement your income.

Number 9

Install a fun app and chill with it on the couch.

Number 10:

Try finger painting.

Number 11:

Get up and move around.

Number 12:

Try Netflix

Number 13:

Clean out your computer’s hard drive.

Number 14:

Consider massage

Number 15:

Enjoy doodling.

Number 16:

Watch TED talks and take notes.

Number 17:

Dress up your outdoor space.

Number 18:

Read quotes from successful and inspiring people.

Number 19:

Try to recreate a favorite restaurant meal.

Number 20:

Fix something around your home.

Number 21:

Do something nice for your loved ones.

Number 22:

Review your retirement options.

Number 23:

Find new wallpapers for your computer or phone.

Number 24:

Do some self-improvement worksheets.

Number 25:

Turn a T-shirt into a sleeveless shirt.

Number 26:

Learn a new skill on YouTube.

Number 27:

Research the life of someone famous.

Number 28:

Make your own board game.

Number 29:

Organize your closet.

Number 30:

Look at the stars

Number 31:

To assemble a puzzle

Number 32:

Get your paintbrushes ready.

Number 33:

Learn to sell things online.

Number 34:

Taking a vacation.

Number 35:

Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

Number 36:

Plan a date night.

Number 37:

Make homemade greeting cards.

Number 38:

Listen to your favorite music and dance to it.

Number 39:

See a horror film.

Number 40:

Have a pizza party.

Number 41:

Play an old game from your childhood.

Number 42:

Cook something from a physical cookbook.

Number 43:

Plan a girls’ night in.

Number 45:

Work on your financial planning.

Number 46:

Do an online workout.

Number 47:

Practice playing musical instruments.

Number 48:

Make a fancy cocktail or mocktail.

Number 49:

Workout with dance.

Number 50:

Make some DIY flower-pressed art!

Number 51:

Take a virtual or real-life tour of the zoo.

Number 52:

Delete old files and images on your phone.

Number 53:

Go for a walk.

Number 54:

Clean out your fridge.

Number 55:

Take part in outdoor sports.

Number 56:

Organize closet

Number 57:

Redecorate home

Number 58:

Help someone

Number 59:

Bathe in bubbles.

Number 60:


Number 61:

Lay down, close your eyes, and listen to a podcast.

Number 62:

Create a vision board.

Number 63:

Reach out to someone

Number 64:

Check out old emails.

Number 65:

Remember where all the states are on the map

Number 66:

Practice deep breathing. 

Number 67:

Go to a bookstore and buy motivational or nonfiction books.

Number 68:

Snuggle with a pet.

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