What are the job levels in Picoworkers? – Why important levels for unlimited earning in Picoworkers

jobs levels in Picoworkers 

rules for every Picoworers user

How to use worker Level?

The level defines the level of jobs available for everyone. The hugest level
you have – the high price of the jobs you can complete

Levels are determined based on the number of accumulated points. Also, you
reach points for every task rated satisfied and for every one
dolor earned with tasks.

Remember your level could decrease due to inactivity
or tasks rated Not Satisfied.

Ho to get points for an increase in your job levels



Starter worker completing starter jobs


Advanced worker completing starter jobs


Advanced worker completing advanced jobs


Expert worker completing starter jobs


Expert worker completing advanced jobs


Expert worker completing expert jobs


Tasks rated as excellent

+ 50% points for

For each $1 earned


Tasks rated not satisfied

-50 * worker level tasks

Tasks rated as spam/duplicated

-200 * worker level

1 week inactivity

-100 * worker level

Keep up the great work to reach out to the next level and get access to
more jobs!

Today we will talk about its jobs and Here’s how we can find jobs It is important to understand the categories of jobs. You cannot generate a good amount if you do not understand the categories well.

Job Levels: Job levels depend on your working criteria. This means that if you initially join the Picoworkers website, your job access level will be a starter level. In this way, if you work hard, your level will increase. If your level increases, then your earnings will definitely increase. It is very important to increase your job level. But keep in mind that there is no such thing as an impact on job level according to other websites like Upwork or freelancer.
There are three types of Job levels:
  • Starter: When you join a website with a fresh account, your level is the starter.
  • Advanced: If you have completed multiple jobs then you can increase your level to an Advanced level then you can work on both starter and advanced levels. When you are at starter level you get a level 2 unlock.
  • Expert: This is the last level of workers when you grow from an advanced level then the expert level automatically opens. When you reach expert level then you do all types of jobs. Now you can do unlimited tasks.

When you have a starter level, you will see a dashboard of this type

In the way, when your level will go from starter to Advance level, then you will see Advance level jobs like this:

If you cross level two, then expert-level jobs will be opened. There are no jobs available in Level 2 or Level 3 as many jobs can be found in Starter level just if you have level 1 then you can still generate the best earnings.

Note: When you have completed approximately 400 jobs, your level 2 is open. In
this way, when you have completed 1500 jobs, your level 3 will be open. If you
are a starter then you can complete 50 daily jobs which will be under your
amount from $ 3 to $ 6. 

If you have an advanced level then you can complete up to 150 jobs out of
80 jobs daily from which the amount is under from $5 to $15.

If you are a level expert, you can complete 200 jobs out of 100 jobs
daily, which can increase your amount from $10 to $20. 

This way you can earn up to daily $20 a day or $80 a day or $300 a

My suggestion:

If you have a question like this:

new workers in 
Picoworkers but, how do I increase my level up in

  • By completing jobs and getting rated satisfied
  • by doing more tasks and getting satisfied. As a new to this, I prefer to do a 1-day  rate task so that it gets satisfied soon.
  • Keep working as much as you can within least the possible unsatisfied tasks. Try not 1-day to get an a with an unsatisfied rating because it will reduce your level. And keep working daily within few weeks you will see a difference.
  • Work hard, give your 100%, attempt a 1-day rate tasks if you are new.
  • you are new so try to do 1-day rate jobs.
  • Keep working no cheating keep jobs no frauds your level grows on your work base.

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