Why Picoworkers bad And why do people think Picoworkers site is a scam?


Review of Picoworkers in Trustpilot

 70  •  Excellent

Here I will tell you why the workers feel bad

 I’ll tell you what people mean here about Picoworkers from Trustpilot

  • It is simply indecent and should be…

This is abuse and should not be allowed Try it and after a couple
of hours, you will realize that Picoworker is just a bull**it and it goes
against the dignity of any human worker.

  • Runaway from this scam!

before leaving this site Still, I
decided to take a chance.

I have worked very hard on this side. 

I have spent a lot of time on this site. 

I have completed every difficult and easy task But still, I have suffered.

No advance notice has been given, no indication of what will happen, no problem is being explained, no possibility of telling. This seems to be a common practice on this platform. 

Workers are banned without any reason.

I created another account and opened a ticket asking to reconsider and
rehabilitate my account. When I asked them for their money, they suspended me.

I think there should be a movement on every possible network to report this kind of abuse.

  • Here no have granted after work…

Here no have granted after work withdraws money.

 Some workers have a complaint about this site when we set the withdrawal this site scam with me. But it is not true because of that they have no proper experience with this site.

  • Poor site to work in my time working there was unfavorable don’t try working there

I worked on Picoworkers for three days and submitted over 40 tasks. As you submit tasks you are rated. But it’s funny the
system gave me a success rate of 45% why now should it not be 100% since no unsatisfied
tasks. I thought you should know to work there at your own risk. Time
wasted and data plan.

  • Account Banned

I have created an account on Picoworkers, done good work but my account has gone banned. 

I texted Picoworkers admin but got the same reply again and again. 

There is no special support on this platform. 

I also have a lot of money in my account. I don’t know what happened with this.
Please recover my account.


  • We are telling the truth and exposing…

You have to ban a lot of workers from this website. 

Therefore, the user of this website gave a review against them.

To silence people in exposing their corrupt

Many accounts with this website are banned. Stand for the truth.

Update :

The admin has refused to respond to messages and emails, for banned accounts and money were taken.

We are still waiting for their update.

The banned account with several thousand dollars in it still remains

You are requested to file an official report with the FBI and other local law enforcement agencies.Thank you

Update :

The admin has refused to respond to messages and emails, for banned accounts and money were taken.

We are still waiting for their update.

A great words I like it 👍👏✔:👇

Picoworkers are good for the source of income but...

the site has a nice interface, survey options, and lots of jobs. But their commissions are very high and they pay very little in compensation :/ but at least it is an honest place

Gays If you also have a problem with Picoworkers you can also express your feedback in the comments section. Thank you.

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