Why we need and necessary english communication as a freelancer and make money?

Why do we need English communication?

This article is going to be in English and the reason why I’m creating this in English is that one of the fundamental reasons why freelancers struggle to make money online creates an impact on different freelance marketplaces.

Find it hard to sell their gig or services on traditional and non-traditional freelance marketplaces is because of their inability to speak fluent English now when I say fluent English I am specifically referring to spoken as well as written English.

I understand that majority of my people if my memory serves me well precisely over 95 percent are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and those experts living outside Asia probably this Article is not for them because they already know can speak English fluently.

The reason why freelancers struggle is because of their hand-capped ness of English and now English is a prerequisite if you want to become successful be it Fiverr, Upwork even work chairs guru.com.

I’m going to write about work chairs and all of my articles from here onwards because I genuinely believe this is one platform that is going to provide a lot of opportunities to the Pakistani freelancers and the results are overwhelming so far over 30000 Pakistani freelancers few of them are buyers as well have signed up on workchest.com and they’re actually communicating. So the bridge the matchmaking between buyer and seller that’s pretty uh smooth ride as of now and uh weeks ahead I do plan to integrate payment gateway.

So yeah I see the smile on the faces so when the employer awards you. They will be able to put money in escrow and then you’ll be able to work freely because your interest is protected now speaking about English which we have created to help you out. their smartphone turning on their next range of successful freelancers. I have no doubt that we got to have those people who are not just talented but they can speak well they can write well I understand that Grammarly a widget helps you out with a lot of grammatical issues with a lot of you know setting up the correct tone for your content.

When you are pitching on a project placement as a bed response I perfectly get that but if you are required to appear in a skype interview if you are required to call your client that’s where the real problem is freelancers find it hard to convey their point of view across to convey their message across to the employer and therefore a lot of them end up losing a deal even confirmed deals because they can’t speak English.

So I urge everybody who’s the way kudos to everybody who has to learn to this particular minute of the article I request you to join this free group no restriction anybody can join it from any part of the world and start uploading your video content in English. Because when you start recording your content in English when you muster up the courage you’ll find out that not only you get better but you’ll also become more confident and then when people help you out with grammatical suggestions and encourage you to record more different parts of the world.

Because you probably could be velogging you probably could be recording a video inside your houses home or wherever you live. So we’ll get to know each other much better and alongside this, we will learn that’s what the idea is so once again just join the group and I request everybody to upload an introductory video rest assured whatever you put inside this close group will not go out because that’s our policy so even if you do not have confidence in spoken recording your content and with confidence, you’ll be able to become a successful freelancer

 If you want to become a successful freelancer you’ve got to know English because English is an international business language.

I see you in the next article.

Best of luck!.

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