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Withdrawals are suspended in the Picoworkers website of many workers’ problem’s solution. Simply follow some steps then you can easily take withdrawal…

The withdrawal of most of the workers on this website is suspended and is being discussed on this topic. I will try to fix it completely. You have to follow all the steps and read the whole article correctly.

There are many reasons for your account being suspended so let’s fix that:

Reason # 1:

Our system has detected you are submitting incorrect or fake proofs Withdraws are suspended and will remain so until your job performance returns to normal as determined by your ‘submit tasks interval. ” like this::

Reason # 2:

Your withdraws are temporarily suspended because you submit task interval timer must be zero to withdraw. Higher-level workers earn a buffer. New workers start with 180 seconds. Unsatisfied rated tasks gain a 20 seconds penalty, and system-blocked spam proofs gain a 60 second penalty. Each satisfied task reduces the timer by 10 seconds. View the task interval in your account settings » worker slats tab.” also like this:

Reason # 3: 

They say that “Our system has detected you have opened multiple accounts in against of our terms of service. Withdraws are suspended. “ like this:

Note: If you are having any other problems in taking withdrawals , please guide me in the comment section, and will try to fix it completely.

How to fix All withdrawals suspended problems?

Solution for reason # 1:

The problem is that when you send incorrect and fake proofs, etc your time increases means your interval time is increasing, so in this case, your withdrawal was suspended.

When you complete the further tasks, your earnings will increase and your interval time decreases. When your interval time becomes 0, your withdrawal will automatically unsuspend and you can easily withdraw.

Your time will automatically decrease with this when your pending balance comes to earning.

For one time, your interval time increases by 60 seconds and decreases by 10 seconds by completing one task. In this way, your time interval decreases, and your withdrawal is automatically unsupported.

Solution for reason # 2:

The first-time interval system was seen in the account setting, now it has been updated, now you can see it in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Solution for reason # 3:

Effect of this problem on your account!

  • If you can’t solve this problem, you can never make a withdrawal
  • If this problem is not fixed then you cannot post a job here
  • And after a few days, your account will be automatically suspended
  • This is a big problem for those whose logon level has increased and their withdrawal has been suspended.
  • So if you can fix it as soon as possible, that’s fine.

The withdrawal of many workers is suspended due to multiple accounts in violation of our terms of service.

 How to solve this problem if your withdrawal has been suspended due to multiple accounts?

Is there a solution to this problem or are you moving towards your topic?

First of all, you have to read this article correctly. If you can’t fix this problem, you can work on Picoworkers.

Please follow all steps then you can easily withdrawal and post a job

So let’s fix the gays:

The first step is to go to the dashboard of Picoworkers website

You will then find a support ticks button in the upper right corner of the dashboard click on this button.

When you click on this button, a new interface will open in front of
you. Then click on the create
new ticket
 button in the upper right corner:

 After that, you can see the Open New Ticket page:

  • In the subject box past this line: “Withdraws are suspended Problem Fix” without inverted commas
  • And from Category select problem with account” also without inverted commas
  • The last step is to write a description in the message box:
Paste this paragraph into your message box:

Sir I am a hard work user of your site and I am doing work on this site very
honestly and clearly. My withdrawal has been suspended. I am using just 1
account on this device and I have not created multiple accounts. I kindly
request you to please unsuspend my withdrawal so that I continue my earnings.
Thank you very much for your kindness also I love Picoworkers

Then submit the application after a few mins your
problem will be solved but must follow these steps if you do not follow these
steps your problem will not solve:

Also, remember that: First of all, If you have opened multiple accounts on one
device then deleted all other accounts and clear all-time browser data by
“Ctrl+Shift+Delete” and then again open the required account your
problem will be solved

Are you want to use multiple accounts
But if you want to save multiple accounts, open them on another device, but don’t use a shareable network like wifi means signal device also single IP it is an important point and send this message from this device, you will also open these accounts.
It is better to open an account just above the advice and delete the rest of the account and message.


If you do not delete any account, just send him a message that will not solve your problem but they will suspend you from all your accounts

If all your accounts are suspended then you can open a new fresh account.

If your problem is not solved, then display the problem in the comments section. I will try to solve it.

 In the next article, we will fix the other problem good buy!

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  1. sir i want to know that i worked on picoworkers account with a laptop and now i'm using a different laptop i want to know that can i used previous laptop use a new multiple account with different IP address. would not any problem

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